Friday, 11 April 2014

Microsoft Just Updated Windows 8.1 with Update 1

Windows 8.1 Recently launched by Microsoft which is another update on their OS. When they released windows 8 that wasn’t have start menu button on left side down bar. But with the system upgradation they’ve been added it on its newest version Windows 8.1. After all these updates now they are rolling out its Windows 8.1 Update 1. And it is live for all those user who just installed this window. I was in extremely sucks thinking about Microsoft’s updates because when they launched windows 8 why they didn’t putted that menu button and this security? Well they are doing and people is just falling in love with their updates.

If you wants to update or Download Windows 8.1 Please go Microsoft’s Official website.

Click here to Go : MicrosoftWindows 8.1 Download

Note :This update 1 is live for just Windows 8.1 new and existing users not for windows 8 users
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Nokia Lumia 1520 Unboxing, Features

Nokia Lumia 1520 is just seems outstanding rather than recent its launching in Lumia series, though the item is still far too huge and worthy for my hands and I had to pressure my convenience to perform some tasks from my 1 hand’s finger.  Its venity digital camera and outside look of camera were bright places and able to shoot fabulous. The Lumia 1520 haven’t only lots of features its also have the best elements currently available in our super markets with impressive upgraded version of its OS. Its style of working like charm may counts it pro version of Lumia series at all. Its display would probably look amazing regardless of what system it was working inside it. Say what you will be able to talk about windows mobile Operating system may you’ll fall in love with it. Its smooth and stay flooring surfaces places areas built on outside  and fluid adjustment activity combine with those two million powerful and active users for some serious eye candies because of its multiple colors. I found some bugs while working with it, its have limited conversation on the personal IM’s and dropping TV and movie store hobbled the real efficiency of a mobile phones which launched by Google.

Lumia 1520 and all that becomes insignificant when you modify on its flat display. If you look for HTC they have some popular history of creating some of the best & gorgeous looking gadgets till now and whether you see in this Lumia 1520 they just confirmed that it still has the ability to power restrictions. The Lumia 1520 is quite comfortable to keep, but cannot be used one handed as HTC. The 6-inch full-HD display on the Lumia 1520 is one of the best selection during its making conversion and Colors are amazing and fresh vegetables are particular. Well watch below video for more.

Video From : TheLumiaBlog
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Monday, 7 April 2014

New HTC One M8 Specifications, Review

HTC just launched its bigger creation HTC ONE M8 after a long time with some precious changes and updgration which you never seen before in other smart phones. They also decreased the auto-focus time on the new One down to 300 milliseconds which you can see in more detailed on their Official site. The UltraPixel electric digital camera sign on the HTC One is usually the same as last periods design with some soft touch. Its now with 4.1 thousand 2.0 um p allow it to capture 300% more light than conventional awesome results of phones and electric digital camera receptors. Paring the BSI (back side illuminated) UltraPixel sign with an f/2.0, 28mm lens means the HTC Somebody's images are less uncertain in daily circumstances and much less large when lighting circumstances are not highest possible. In this New HTC ONE M8 they putted best operate is its design. No other organization does a better job of presenting except HTC, and distancing itself from the similar of the distressing rectangle shaped take on the Android OS working program then other companies just you see in HTC. Now they came with more in common with The apple’s creation and than with any other Google OS such as Android OEM when it comes to the look and feel of its newest tech release, and the new HTC ONE M8 is no exception to this rule About this idea.

HTC One M8 Features

HTC One M8 Review back

While they are releasing it (M8) the HTC team also work in performance which must work amazingly to its users.  which is what I was using to evaluate, and on Wi-Fi terminal. The HTC One M8 came out together with a exclusive new scenario for the smartphones. They could make a several thousand conditions for new HTC One M8, describing the outstanding and bad aspects of the Duo Digital camera in this, No worry, it will remain simple and smooth at all. The UltraPixel sign on the new One is excellent for capturing low light and big qualtiy pictures or quick moving action in outstanding light with perfect brightness. Images can be grainy at periods and can change with environment. Its Multimedia audio system built with some Boom Sound devices. This invention will get Boom and huge response from its existing and new users who never think that HTC can make this for Geeks and works like charm.

HTC One M8 Review and feature

HTC One M8 front Review

Their Update camera version with Recognizable image support and its not making the cut now around. HTC claims that the technology usually is not appropriate with its Duo Digicam set up. HTC’s electric digital camera software has always been a few activities before opponents, so it’s no surprise that HTC has significantly improved the electric digital camera experience on the HTC One M8 handset. Its built in camera app on the new One has been restored from the floor up and with more focused, enhancing previous UX components and offering a variety of new features along the way. Their newly created app is amazingly easy and simple, offering you quick availability the manages you will need the most while allowing quick availability more awesome features while you opertating this. The HTC One M8 preserves the quick electric digital camera launch efficiency that HTC provided on previous versions of HTC Feelings with its sensation. If you turn your cellular mobile cell mobile phone's show off while in the electric digital camera app, you will immediately launch coming back into the electric digital camera so when the show is modified coming back on, dropping the properly secured show or secuirty choices. But HTC did not stop there and they were keep updating its devices. Now the built the camera which can be launched with a new Action Control. The amount of professionalism work in HTC One M8 will turn the show on and start the electric digital camera app. The operate is extremely useful and dellisious. 

Credit  : Tech Crunch
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Friday, 14 March 2014

Nokia Lumia Camera Refocus Update on their Windows Phones

Nokia Lumia refocus on camera update

Nokia Just decided to beat all market existing product which is in the limit of Mobile phones, They have already the first class camera on their Every Phone and now they are working for Lumia phones specially in their Camera as always. Nokia is focusing to work on Camera Focus in Lumia Windows Phones. As recently update with Lumia amber software they created the auto focus which broke the record of mobile phones cameras.

This Refocus version with Lumia phones makes you crazy about to having HD Images from your Mobile Camera. You can share your Focused Captured Image via Microsoft Onedrive and other apps which Nokia store supporting. You can Get this feature by updating your device from Nokia Official Lumia Update.

via : WP
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Friday, 7 March 2014

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone Released Officially

facebook messenger for windows phone

Facebook the biggest social media platform which is the breath of almost 90% of web users launched their Official messenger called FACEBOOK MESSENGER for Windows phones now. It was for just android and apple users and not for windows users. In this act they promoted IM officially after a long time. Facebook all acts are very confuse-able and non-understandable for any person, a world behind geeks just expects good and good from them and by these type of Facebook activities they always made happy its users. 

Reason was this windows phone users have very limited advantages as of Android and Apple users because windows launched a couple years ago and didn't supported android app store (The Store from Google Apps) which have almost everything which a tech person needed. Sounds like Epic ! I know, but as far BB officially announced their BBM for androids not for windows, and now Nokia Lumia series are running with windows. Facebook also planning to launch their messenger for Windows 8.1 users that's very recent creation by Microsoft.

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